A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

It’s 6:30 am and I am piecing all of the details for this weekend’s styled shoot together in my head. My three children run about the house screaming about wanting more pancakes and remind me to give them their vitamins. It appears as if a tornado has blown through my house, as tidying my home has been my last priority this week as I prep for the shoot. I take a few last sips of my now cold coffee, get all the backpacks packed and dig through the clean laundry basket to find everyone clean socks and underwear. I still need to remember to register Hazel for Kindergarten, after I drop Ava off at the bus stop and bring Henry to his two year well child check up. Then I need to check in with my husband Adam about our schedules tomorrow so I can pick up the table settings and chairs for this weekend. After lunch, a light work out and some yoga to clear my head for my work flow around afternoon “naptime.” Yes, naptime is in quotes because my two year old has recently made the decision to boycott that step in our daily routine. The next few hours consist of reaching out to the photographer, officiant, venue owner, caterer, baker, florist, calligrapher, handmade linen maker, hair and makeup artist, flutist, vintage rentals company, and handmade jeweler to make sure they all have everything they need for this weekend and to confirm what time they will be arriving. A hiccup has come up in our attire, but in between about 152 texts and phone calls to the couple, a few of the fellow vendors, and a couple dress shops, it is decided that I will go up the day before the shoot to a vintage dress shop and try on dresses; conveniently I am the same size as the bride! Just in case, I own two gowns and acquired access to one more to bring with me; no matter what happens, we will have a dress. Wrapping up my work for the day as everyone comes home from school, I hustle to get dinner made and on the table relatively quickly before everyone gets too hangry. A quick pick up after dinner, put all of the toys away and send the kids down the hall for baths and bed. Three babies washed, in jammies, and cozying up in mom’s bed for some bedtime stories. It’s been a busy day and the kids, and I, could use some extra snuggles. All three eventually drift off. I could move them to their own beds, but I don’t. They are sleeping soundly and I crave to be close to them in peace. I grab my computer, finish updating the google doc with various vendor info, respond to an email from a bride getting married this fall, wondering what price differences might occur in a buffet vs family style service, and schedule a few more social marketing posts to finish out the week for my second job. I finish up just in time for my husband to come home from work, at 11:30 p.m. We have a few minutes to talk and catch up about the day before I feel myself drifting off.

This life is chaotic, stressful and hard at times. It is also extremely rewarding and full of love. I get to be there for my kids, for my husband, and for my couples on the day they decide to commit to doing life together. Sure there are days it seems like nothing is going right or I am doing it wrong. But then there’s the days that I can calm a stressed vendor with a smile or pat on the back about where we are in the timeline, zip a bride into her wedding gown, be home to read stories and snuggle my babies into their beds, and then have a glass of wine with my husband and look at this beautiful life we have created. What more could I possibly want?